I'm ready!

Unfortunately TraderTest is not allowed to forward your resume to all firms anymore as I started working for Optiver. However if you would like to become my colleague, I would welcome you to apply. Optiver always has a spot for brilliant minds.

What else do trading firms expect from me?

This differs hugely from firm to firm but generally you're expected to have a (nearly finished) master's degree with good grades. A very good math tests can offset this demand as well just as bad math tests can be negated with Ph.D.'s or IT skills. Some companies hire non-masters for additional trading-support functions, backoffice or IT and sometimes you can grow from there to trading functions. So don't let any single weak point prevent you from sending in a resume, just make clear what you can bring to the table and we'll talk with firms who have signaled an interest in skills beyond only +-/*.

What do I send? Where do I send that to?

I'm happy to forward your CV if you mail it to resume@tradertest.org or you can skip the fluff and go directly to Optiver Recruitment (don't forget to say you're from tradertest).